One must go for a trip all alone once in lifetime period. This writing I am coming up with is my personal experience of a four day trip to Gokarna, Karnataka.

I’m a Software Engineer by profession. The first time when you hear that, you’ve already made an image of mine. Some random formal dressed guy in any other bar on Friday night, complaining about the stressful life he is going through. Nah, I’m not that guy. I love my profession. But then there comes a feeling that I need a break! and it was a perfect long weekend I chose to go on that trip.

As a brief, I visited five beaches in Gokarna, Karnataka. The Main beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half Moon beach and Paradise beach. There are so many options to get to these beaches. I went to the main beach on my first day just for a walk. Then I went to Kudle beach which is at a walking distance from the main beach. In my experience, I liked Kudle beach the most. It was the place where I took my favorite photos. I went to Om beach by an autorickshaw. Then I trekked from there to Halfmoon beach and Paradise beach. The only place where we don’t need the permission to camp was Paradise beach.  And the moment I reached there, I felt like this beach will be suitable for single people like me rather than family visitors.

I don’t have so many travel experiences, but this was my very first solo trip. So it makes sense when I share my experience. I’ll point out some of my opinions which got brewed when I was there having fun.

1. Don’t Plan Too Much

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Unless it’s that Mount Everest trekking you were planning for this weekend (pun intended), don’t plan too much for it. Make your plan minimal as possible. If I ask where will you be at 3 pm on your 3rd day of the trip, you shouldn’t have an answer for it! You got the point 😉

You know how many days you are going to be on this trip, the list of places to see there and a budget limit. That’s it! You’ll come up with the best possible schedule while you are on that trip, not before starting it. Trust me on this, you don’t want to get disappointed on your picture-perfect schedule you must have plotted before going on that trip.

2. Don’t Take Too Much Stuff

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I regretted carrying more than what I was in need when I reached there. I was carrying more than enough clothes and snacks which I didn’t even open during the trip. I’m glad that I didn’t take my laptop though.

I’ve made my mind to keep only lightweight clothes, snacks which won’t take more space, power bank: to be able to get some juice for your phone, earphones: to boost that pleasant vibe, and a camera 😉 That’s all I will need for my next trip (so damn soon). Keep what you can carry.

3. Be That Extrovert You Always Wanted To Be

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It’s that rare occasion when you are alone but surrounded by strangers. Well, it’s the time to break your introvert attitude and make some friends. I made so many friends and Instagram followers on my trip 😉 Eddie, and Micheal (from Germany) was my lodge mates. They came one month ago from Goa and were exploring Gokarna. It wasn’t only about experiencing things at a place that you visit, It’s also about sharing stories and experiences with people who you meet out there. Trust me! you’ll be amused by the stories they tell 🙂 and probably you’ll have some to share too.

4. No Photobombing!

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Indeed that this social media stuff plays a major role in our life now, but why this trip exists there in first place? This trip was meant to escape ourselves from work and stupid social media life. So please don’t be that guy who clicks hundreds of random pictures and posts it every second. I always carry my DSLR wherever I go. Having a dedicated camera rather than using smartphone camera actually decreases this bad habit.

Click a picture only when you feel like, It’s worth a shot! and when you get that perfect shot do minor post-processing and then upload it. People will notice that one perfect photo rather than a bunch of random clicks.

5. Don’t Make Space For Regrets

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There was a moment I had in Kudle Beach, Gokarna. I’ve never really crossed the border of sea and shore so far, never before. I went straight to the sea looking at the sun when it was about to touch the horizon. There was something that I never felt before. And there comes a strong wave towards me, I was having goosebumps when I realized that I came all the way from Bangalore and I’m enjoying this moment all alone.

Surviving those waves were so easy, it resembles the problems in our lives. There will be an infinite number of waves coming in. If we never try to be there in the first place, we will never know how easy it is to survive it 🙂

And yeah! that was my first ever solo trip. And these are the experiences and thoughts I got from it. You guys also might be having some to share! I’ll be glad to hear that in the comment section below.